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About us

Your coach

“I’m here to show you how you can do so much more than you think you can do and be so much more than you think you can be”

English is my second language and I hold dual MBA’s in Project Management from the University of Dubai and another one in Accounting & Finance from the American Intercontinental University in Houston, Texas. My career path led me to becoming a top level sales trainer in one of America’s largest retail chains. I am also a devoted father, soccer coach & mentor for youth in my community.


One thing I can tell you is that your body, status, relationships and respect you deserve are on the other side of your limitations. I can help you push those limits far beyond what you think they are so you can live your life to the fullest, free of self-doubt, fear and lack. If you work with me, I will not give up on you and I will be with you every step of the way.

Personal Growth is At The Core of Perspective 5hift.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self”.

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Abdallah’s initial passion was in pursuing a career in professional soccer. However, life had different plans for him. At 24, Abdallah’s path to professional soccer was blocked by a lack of essential guidance and support. He decided to venture far outside his comfort zone, leaving friends and family behind to seek a deeper purpose. Moving to the United States brought cultural immersion and self-discovery, reinforcing his belief in our shared humanity.

Overcoming shyness and language barriers, he excelled in a sales role, quickly becoming a top performer. Progressing into leadership positions, Abdallah’s coaching journey began. He is passionate about helping people break free from self-imposed limitations to achieve their goals, unlock their potential and become a stronger, more resilient and confident version of themselves.

Today, his purpose is clear: inspiring others to transcend their boundaries, find their true calling, and leave a lasting legacy. His journey teaches us that stepping out of our comfort zones, shifting perspectives, and embracing new viewpoints can reveal our extraordinary potential to be, see and do things we didn’t think we can do.


is to guide individuals in liberating themselves from the chains of their past, enabling them to live lives aligned with their fullest potential. We acknowledge that life’s journey often includes traumatic experiences that can leave enduring scars and hinder personal growth. Our purpose is to be your guiding light on the path to healing, transformation, and a higher perspective on life.

Transforming Trauma: Traumatic life experiences can cast a shadow over our present and future, trapping us in a cycle of pain, fear, and limitation. Our mission is to help you confront and transform these traumas. We provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your past, release burdens that hold you back, and rewrite your narrative with strength and resilience.

Living to the Fullest: Life is meant to be lived to its fullest potential, regardless of the hardships you’ve faced. Our coaching program empowers you to embrace your innate potential, discover your purpose, and create a life aligned with your deepest desires. Your past does not define you but can be a stepping stone toward a brighter future, and we’ll guide you in seeing life from a higher perspective.

Fitness & Nutrition

We will help you use your body as a vehicle to sharpen your focus, discipline your mind and push your limits beyond what you think they are.

Confidence & Clarity

You can do so much more than you think you can, the problem is that you cannot see it when you are locked into the driver’s seat of your own perspective. With our help, you’ll be able to realize and live up to your full potential. 

Relationships & Respect

Every relationship in your life stems from the relationship you have with yourself. When we work on really improving that, all the relationships in your life with others will naturally fall into place.


Is to see more people come together, recognize what they have in common and lean on one another for strength and support. Our aim is to empower people with the tools, knowledge and systems they need to elevate their standard, understand and respect one another’s differences, embrace our similarities and live our lives to their fullest potentials.